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Design Flaw

Choking In the US alone more than 5,000 people die each year from accidentally choking on a foreign object (food, gum, candy, toy, etc) - 75% of those deaths are children under three years of age.  Christians obviously believe that the God of the bible is responsible for the “design” of the human body, including the throat. As can be seen from the illustration, and as many of us know from personal or observational experience, it is just a matter of millimetres that can change ones meal from a breathing and eating experience to one of sheer terror of impending death all because of the close proximity of the breathing tube and the swallowing tube.  If there is an example of a "design" flaw in the human body, this is it.   I wonder if there is a Christian out there who can explain to me why God made humans (and many animals) this way?