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The Robertson Boys and the Church of Christ

  The men pictured above have been, shall we say, an oozing pustule on the ass of Martinsville (my former stomping ground) and Henry County Virginia (and surrounding counties) for about as long as I can recall.  I recall that once (and only once) I called into their  weekly  cable access religious TV Smack-Down back in the very early 2000's, so I know that they have been active since at least that far back. The main thrust of their arguments / accusations seem to be directed at every other congregation that is not a Church of Christ congregation (and even some Church of Christ congregations).  Their tactics include going to these churches, video camera or phone in hand, approaching the minister after the service and then recording their interaction in an attempt to get the minister to say something incriminating - incriminating biblically or politically - and then spending hours and hours on their cable access TV show / YouTube channel, verbally assaulting the unfortunate minister(